søndag 12. september 2010

IF; Proverb


This week's topic is "Proverb", suggested by Aleutie (http://www.aleutie.com/).

"A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience." ~ Miguel de Cervantes

In fact, this morning I ripped out a little bit of a newspaper where it is written: 

No one can have peace longer than their neighbors will.

It is a Danish proverb. I have written
about the essence of these words in a previous post. It is written in Norwegian, but please use the translator to understand the meaning and my thoughts.
I had promised to send my illustration before midnight this Sunday, and I did!

This can be cooped with my post Huth Fort!

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  1. How interesting. This might be a good chance to meet those around and have / make peace with them. Will that have in mind throughout the week.

  2. Hi Biorg, (or is it Nina...?) I've forgotten :-(

    Love the expression on your farmer's face, the cat on the roof and the wonderful proverb about peace & neighbors. We are all connected, and this is a lovely way of saying that.
    Thank you too for your appreciation, once again of my own words and art... This painting was an older one, from one of my many 'medium' explorations... in this case casein (hated the smell!) I think I still love watercolor the best, but I try to push it hard so it does things like oil paint, casein, pastel... sometimes!

    Best wishes,

  3. Ein morsom illustrasjon for eit morsomt ordtak. Eg hadde ikkje høyrt den før :-) Er det akryl eller akvarell du malar med?


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