Blogger's Sunday Walk

Blogger's Sunday Walk four times a year - one for each season,
the last Sunday in January, April, July and October!

The first walk was arranged on Sunday October 9, 2011.
I had an idea of gathering bloggers for a walk - any walk, anywhere, but on the same day.
The main thing is to get outside the house and "move the body" at the same time with all the other participants.. The purpose is also to feel a community: To think, today I´m not the only one, but some other bloggers also walk somewhere in the wide world!

Bloggers from Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Australia digitally joined bloggers from South America, and North America on the October 9th!

The motto is:
Put on your walking shoes, slippers, sandals, skates, skies - whatever, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see.
Where ever you are, what ever the weather is like, alone or together with an animal, a person or two... or quite alone, join us walking...

Walking tour on Sundays is perhaps a typical Norwegian phenomenon. We bring with usbackpack with hot drinks, an orange, a piece of chocolate called Kvikklunsj and a packed lunch 'matpakke'  if we do not light a fire and grill sausages. It is truly a family or friend activity. Being in the woods, in the mountains or by the shore, enjoy nature and practicing life outdoors has always been central to our growth. 

The second Blogger's Sunday Walk took place on Sunday January 8th.
Twenty bloggers stepped over the threshold, so to say, and had a 'wonderful' walk in 'wild' landscape!

The interest for BWS has in 2015 and so far 2016, been low, but still I invite four times a year all bloggers to have a documented walk and make a link from the comment window on my blog. 
I never stop my engagement for this activity ;:OD)

Put on your walking shoes, skates, skies - whatever, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see during the Winter walk and link to my blog!

Put on your walking shoes, rubber boots, beach sandals or simply stroll with bare feet in the sand - whatever, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on the Summer walk and link to  my blog!

Please, tell me and I will give you the information needed.

News: Summer 2019 will be linked to InLinkz!  blogg sletta     ikke aktiv   ikke aktiv    ikke aktiv   ikke aktiv    ikke aktiv   fjernet blogg     blogg ikke tilgjengelig   ikke aktiv   ikke aktiv       ikke aktiv    ikke aktiv    ikke aktiv   ikke invitert   blogg sletta   ikke invitert   ikke aktiv   finner ikke bloggen

These bloggers were joining Spring 2014 ikke aktiv  blogg parkert  ikke aktiv

BSW Summer 2014:  ikke aktiv

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6 kommentarer:

  1. Mormor og jeg skal på tur. Når????

  2. Så artig, det kunne jeg tenke meg å være med på! :D Skal bort denne helgen og søndagen kan jeg kanskje rekke en tur der vi er på tur - eller tur når vi kommer hjem! :)

  3. Hei,- glemte å sjekke hvordan man linker opp til deg,- men jeg gikk altså en bitte liten tur. Hvordan poster jeg innlegget hit?

  4. Hei! jeg hadde en meget travel helg, og har ikke rukket å laste opp bilder og blogge før nå. Er det for sent, eller?

  5. Dette vil jeg gjerne være med på! Hvordan finner jeg ut av datoer og slikt?

  6. good idea again. I will join, but what is the date?


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