lørdag 4. september 2010

IF; Dessert


Medium: Flash

This week's topic is "Dessert" (yum!) suggested by Theresa S (http://theresadesign.blogspot.com/).
"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."  ~ Ernestine Ulmer

In Norway we have a group of people we call the desert generation - those who surf the previous generations' stuggle and stribe. They come as we say to the table laid. This designation once was the young, but today's job market has changed the situation, and it is maybe those who are between 40 and 50 that can be called this in 2010.

I am no longer either young or in the desert generation, still I have posed as a model for the drawing, but this is no self-portrait. I shot several photos in the mirror and loaded the photos into layers in Flash. Like we do in today's digital world, the drawn body was stretched "a bit" to get the shape of a high and slim model.

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  1. LOVE the quote!
    I think we are pretty much all living a dessert-life in Norway because of the oil. Maybe with the exception of illegal immigrants and old people waiting for a place in a old peoples home...

  2. The colours and the pose are beautiful, really nice work!

  3. Janne Robberstad
    to me

    show details Sep 5 (5 days ago)

    Eg likte veldig godt det du skreiv om i blogg-innlegget ditt om dessert-generasjonen. Og gløymte å skrive at eg er imponert over illustrasjonen. Du kan tydlegvis ein masse data-ting eg ikkje har peiling på! Håpar å lære meir på sikt...
    Ha ei god veke!


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