onsdag 31. august 2011

The Blogger's Day


I started blogging in May 2009 and have since then had the pleasure to get in contact with many interesting people, even met some of them in real life.
I weekly join some blogger's meeting point as to call to challenge my skills for fun in creativity, imagination and ingenuity.
In all I administrate eight blogs. This, Wild and wonderful, is my main blog. Three of them are job-related.
As I write in the heading, my blog is concentrated on gardening, breeding in greenhouse, flowers, trees, art, culture and mythology.
Buttons for my travel-blog and root-blog are placed on the right side as well as my blog for 'Speaker's corner'  named 'Ordet er mitt'.
Some posts are regular, some unique. I will start up, after a break, my posts about the  Primstav with  Marimesse siare. There will be illustrations and information in English. From October the14 th the winter season for all the Norwegian merkedager (anniversary) will reveal till April the 14th.
All my previous posts about the Primstav are filed in the archive. 
A blogger called Lise, asked if she could use one of my pictograms for an quilt inspiration. This is the result:

I also send illustrations to Illustration Friday, but some weeks ago I was on holiday and missed the topic 'Perennial'. Since this Blogger's Day is an annual event, I thought I could post my illustration today!

The topic "Perennial" suggested by Mike (http://mvillos.blogspot.com/).

“A good scientist is a person in whom the childhood quality of perennial curiosity lingers on. Once he gets an answer, he has other questions.” ~ Frederick Seitz

The more I blog, the more I learn and have other questions, is my opinion!

Pheasant's eye, Adonis aestivalis, is the flower of today according to Marie Angel's A Floral Calendar. I have no such flower in my garden to take a photo of, instead I have made an animation of flowers found on the Internet.  
The genus name is taken from the name of Adonis, a god of Greek mythology. According to the legend, Adonis, the love of Aphrodite, was gored to death by a wild boar sent to him by Ares. A bright red flower sprang from the spilt drops of blood.

May be I will have many Pheasant's eyes in my garden next year. Is it a reason good enough to visit me again?

If you want to read my post written in Norwegian, I hope the translators is ok, but I can not promise anything. There has been trouble lately!

I wish all visitors a Happy Blogger's Day  ;:OD)
I invite all of you to join Crystal Rainbow who run the blogg Sparcle and shine, and me to go for a walk in October and document your experiences on your blog linked to ours.
Let's call it The Blogger's walking Sunday!
I will advertise what Sunday we put on our shoes or boots and walk... long or short.
The host for Blogger's Day is Carolina Artesaías. Join us  ;:OD)

Greetings from Norway!

Link to her  post 31. August 2011

These blogs are my favorites so far:

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  1. Happy blogger´s day!
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  2. I wish you a happy blogger's day. Your blog is great. I have seen you visited La Gomera. I'm living quite near, in Tenerife.

  3. Happy Blog´s Day!!
    thanks for your nice post!!
    I like this party to much!!
    gracias por participar en nuestra fiesta virtual!!

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    gracias por participar en nuestra fiesta virtual!!
    GRACIAS A TODAS!! ♥ de corazón ♥

    feliz día del BLog!!
    abrazos desde Santiago de Chile!!
    Carolina Artesanías

  4. Hola!! vengo a visitarte desde el espacio de Carolina y veo que está lleno de bellas imágenes ¡Felicitaciones!
    Te dejo a Mafalda en seguidores y mi página http://norma2-siempreesprimavera-norma2.blogspot.com para que me visites si es tu deseo
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  5. Encantada de conocerte tienes blogs muy lindos e interesantes. Pasa una jornada feliz
    Muy agradecida por tu visita hasta otro ratito tu nueva amiga Begoña

  6. Feliz día!!! Un beso grande!

  7. Happy blogger's day! Kisses from Brasil

  8. Feliz día del blog.
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  9. Happy blogger's day!
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  10. Happy Bloggers Day to you! I'm very curious to see what I will discover when I follow your links! Thanks for sharing ! :o)


  12. Happy bloggers day i efterskott! Kul att läsa dina tankar kring bloggning. Synd att jag missade den, får försöka komma ihåg det nästa år... :-)



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