søndag 29. august 2010

The old town in my heart


Magazine Tours & holidays has ranked Norway's 10 most romantic places.

After the military left the area completely in 2001, there is little that can tear the Nordic region's best-preserved fortress down from the throne as the most charming, strolling areas. Inside the star-shaped moat resort is Old Town full of cozy cafes, romantic restaurants, elegant galleries and unique shops.

While the fortification comes from the 1600s, most houses here built in the 1700s, and in the middle of it all - the King's turf - sits the city's founder, Frederick II (1534-1588) on the shelf. Its location makes it suitable for a romantic day trip from London and the surrounding area, and you will stay longer you can stay on such historical Old Town Guest Gaarder.

The arcitect of the first house, called Rosing, built in 1830, is the famous Christian Henrich Grosch.
Most of the gardens in the old town are not in the front of the house like the one at the top, but in  a peristyle, patio or court.

Another foreign travel magazine has just ranked the Old Town of Fredrikstad to be number two on the list of attractive destination for tourists. Today a Food Festival, called Matfold, is held here and local farmers, small gourmet firms and catering companies present their products and services.
In addition, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation keeps the studiodoors open for the public. In this connection Foghorn, one of the groups that my husband plays and sings in, gave a consert in the patio.

Grocer's market in the streets behind the church early in the morning.

Foghorn in the patio of NRK (Norwegian broadcasting, department of Østfold)

The shopping area in the old town

A narrow street in outer line of townconstruction where "less important" people lived.

In this house cultural activities for children are organized.

You can relax everywhere, just enjoy the life staying in my town.....!
I have previously presented other areas in the old town, and around every street corner there are wonderful scenes, so this is hardly the last time I show pictures of Gamlebyen.

For more posts like this, check out Lokal kulturhistorie, you're welcome!

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  1. A nice place. Are those seats in the last photo? Looks like a perfect place to rest :). I love food festivals especially when it's local produce.


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