fredag 27. august 2010

IF; Immovable


Medium: Flash, Photoshop and photo

This week's topic is "Immovable" suggested by Susan Sorrell Hill

My son is so tired of all the flies that swirl around in our house at Lia in the countryside, so today I bought the trap of paper to stick on the windows. The flies are attracted by the smell and get stucked on the paper surface, and there they remain until the bitter end. Immovable!
This very fly did in fact fly! It flies in one of the animations I've made about Loki who steals Brísingamen, Frøya's jewelry. He transforms himself into a fly to get into the room, where Freya is sleeping, through a small crack in the wall. So the Norse myth tells!

Sorry, Julia, few flies must pay with their lives sometimes!

 This is the packet I bought!

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4 kommentarer:

  1. Very good idea for those pesty flies!

  2. Nicely "trapped" and immovable image! :o)

  3. For ein artig idé! Ja, dei kan vera ganske irriterande, desse flogene. Eg lurer mest på korleis dei veit at det er sommar i det heile tatt i år, eg ventar fortsatt på varmen, eg...

  4. I don't think we have that product in the states, looks like it works! A fine illustration.


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