onsdag 21. september 2011

Primstaven; Mass of Matti

Primstav mark:

Axe, sword, fish or goat.

In memory of:
Apostle Matthew who died as a martyr in Persia

Anniversary weather:
Nice weather this day would last four weeks.

Old customs and superstition:
The autumn equinox, day and night were of equal length.


Matti Mass (Mattisdag) in memory of the apostle and evangelist Matthew (Latin Matthei Apostoli evangelistae) September 21. Matthew was previously also reminded of the spring February 24.

St. Matthew was born in Galilee in the beginning of the first century. He must have been a publican (tax collector) in the Roman service and therefore was seen as a traitor by the Jews.

Almost unknown
Matthew tells how Matthew was called as an Apostle of Jesus (Matthew 9.9). He was meant to replace Judas, who betrayed Jesus. Perhaps he also was called Levi. More than this we actually don't know about his life. Perhaps the apostle and evangelist, not the same person.

Traveled to Egypt?
Church historian Eusebius says that Matthew preached Christianity to his fellow Jews. He should have left Palestine twelve years after Christ's ascension (probably in the year 41 to 42) and transferred to Egypt. On the way he wrote his Gospel in Aramaic, which was the language of Palestine at the time of Jesus.

Martyr Death
Various reports say that Matthew was martyred, but none of them are reliable. Matthew probably ended up as a martyr, but nobody knows if he was crucified, beheaded or died by other means, or how it happened.

Religious cult
In Rome, the celebration of Matthew is dated back to 400's. In the 700-century it was normally arranged a vigil (night service) on his feast day, in the same way as for the other apostles.

Various festivals
The annual for Matthew in the Roman Catholic Church is now  September 21. In the Greek Orthodox Church and the Syrians, he is reminded November 16, while the Copts of Ethiopia celebrate him October 9. Other days are used as commemorations.

Autumn day
After September 21 the wheat hardly got matured and could not be used for human food. The bears collected leaves and moss for the winter den. Good weather could last four weeks.

Primstav mark is an ax, fish or sword (reminiscent of the cross). Ax was taken as symbol for the start of  leave.

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