torsdag 8. september 2011

Primstaven; Mass of Maria September 8


September 8 was called Marine Messe siare or upper, or Mother's Fairs. The modern term is the feast of the Virgin Mary's birth. The Bible contains no names of her parents. Traditionally, they are called Anna and Joachim, but the legend is unreliable.

Another name for the day is Seyermere our lady day. Seyermere comes from old Norwegian siðarmeirr, which means later.

Thurs Maria day
The term upper siare or seyermere (later) must be viewed in the context of August 15 , which was called the Marine Messe last and marked Mary's Assumption in the sky. This way you kept the two most important marine trade shows in the fall apart.

Consecration date
It is not known when Mary was born. The date is related to the consecration of Mary's birth church in Jerusalem in 400's, built on the site Bezatha-pond, where it was believed that the house of her parents Joachim and Anna stood.

Next to John the Baptist is the Virgin Mary on one of the saints who are reminded of their earthly birthday. Otherwise, the day of death being pronounced, possibly the day of translation, when the saint's relics were placed in the shrine as relics.

Feast day
The party September 9 spread to the east on the 500's and was introduced in Rome around 700, but it has probably existed since the 400s. At the same time introduced a procession of lights at vigil (night service).

Weather sign
We were told that the nice weather that day indicated that the fall would be good.

The Primstav
Primstav mark is a crown, a big M or a sheep shears. Sheep axis marked that it was time to cut the sheep.

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