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Primstaven; Mass of the Cross

September 14 Mass (Latin Exaltatio SANCTAE Crucis) was held in memory of Jesus' cross caused the cross was re-found in Jerusalem by the Roman emperor Constantine I's mother, Holy Helena, in the year 320. The same was celebrated May 3, but this date is wrong, according to the Pope.

St. Helena, or Flavia Helena, was born ca. year 250. She has her Catholic Memorial Day August 18 and is known as the patron-saint of the retrieval of lost or stolen items.

Cross of Christ
According to the legend Helena found three crosses and four spikes in a pit just east of Calvary in Jerusalem on  September 14 320. To determine on which the cross Jesus had been crucified,  a dead woman was hanged to the crosses in turn. Hanging in one of the crosses, the woman woke up. It was of course, the cross of Christ.

In France, a practice of celebrating the return of the cross was arranged on May 3, because they mixed up two dates.

Double celebration
The custom spread to Rome and brought to the celebration at both May 3 and September 14. In 1960 the Pope addressed the misunderstanding and abolished the celebration of May 3.

Loss No. 2
The Holy Cross was lost again when the Persian king Chosroës attacked Jerusalem in 614. May 3 in 628  the cross was brought back by the Emperor Heraklios after a military campaign against Persia. March 21 in 629 the cross should have been placed again in its old place in Jerusalem.

Loss No. 3
Otherwise, the story says that the Holy Cross was lost for good in the battle of Hattin in Galilee in 1187. It was taken by non-Christians when it was carried by the Bishop of Bethlehem. This did not prevent that pieces of the cross of Jesus became good commodity as a relic in the Middle Ages.

Autumn day
At this time of year the grain is in the house. In some places the day was last 'bufardag', when they closed the farms for the winter and took the cattle home from summer pastures. The day marked the fall began in earnest.

Primstav label is a cross.

Cut and translated: http://www.dagsdato.no/index0.html

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  1. Primstav har eg faktisk, men har ikkje sett meg nok inn i kva dei enkelte symbola betyr.
    Har eit lite hefte som følger med så kanskje eg skulle lese litt :)


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