fredag 16. september 2011

IF; Mesmerizing

This week's topic is "mesmerizing" suggested by Kim (

Cut from a frame of the Flash animation

As Heid, the shining
Freya practiced seid
She predicted about future, fertility and love
Freya taught Odin to seide
for this he sacrificed an eye
Heid they called her
when she came to the farm
with skills in how to volve
She strengthened Gander
Seid, she could without burden
Always liked by evil women
Norse poem

Even the branches of mistletoe were mesmerized and stopped trembling!

Do you want to know more about seid and Freya (in Norwegian Frøya), search for the words in my blogg!

Evil, here = ellevill
ellevill (fra da. elle- 'alve-', eg 'gjort vill ved alvetrolldom') ustyrlig, helt vill bli e- av glede / en e- farse

crazy (from then. formal, 'elf-', I 'made wild by alvetrolldom') wild, wild be e of joy / e-farce

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  1. Hi, Bjorg Nina, my daughter and I are reading
    D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths and had a look at your Freya. Very nice. Paula & daughter


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