torsdag 22. juli 2010

Himmelkikk, view Bostrak

This is the view ca 100 meters from the place where my mother-in-law was born and grew up. The farm is isolated, and it is cumbersome to get there. Can almost call it a place where no one would think that someone could live. There are some places of this kind in Norway!
We visited the farm on Saturday, and the fog was low over the mountains, and there was drizzle in the air. Really a troll-like atmosphere in other words.

From last week at Oslo-fjord:

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  1. Hello! I like this kind of seperate area in the nature. A magic place for people loving nature and silence. The view from there is spectaculare. Greetings from Luzia. ( Sorry for my terrible English;-))

  2. I love dramatic skies!

  3. Dramatic skies and a spectacular view, but we get enough of that kind of gray here in Seattle for me to understand that it can get old regardless of how spectacular it can be! Terrific capture! Hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend!


  4. Great view from up there in the first photo..even with the fog and mist..the other is a great example of a wonderful formation of clouds.

  5. Haunting , Mystical Skies ! Very beautiful!

  6. the first photo is breathtaking, seems cold in that area, and i like the wideness of the horizon in the second photo :)

  7. Very dramatic skywatch post.
    Joyce M


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