mandag 14. juli 2014

BSW Summer; Summary

As far as I know, Laurie, Eileen, Ingun, Åslaug, Villrose have all joined BSW Summer. Unfortunately, Tove had a bad foot, so she had to stay home. 
I will gradually add blogs that have not yet provided information about their participation via the comment window.

Hope more bloggers will find the opportunity to walk BSW Autumn which will take place October the 26th. For more information about the idea, open the banner Blogger´s Sunday Walk beneath the heading and in the gadget to the right.

Strange to know that we had some equal experiences on our different walks.

Eileen walked on the paths of Hashawha Nature Center with colorful birds, wonderful flowers, berries and butterflies... and dragonflies which I adore! Click on the photos and you are linked to the various posts!

Laurie says: I rode my bike to the nearby park district, walked around the lake path,  then biked home. Just like me, and we walked the wooden bridge as well... and tasted berries!

Ingun has some digital connection problems and I will add her photo later, so this will be a post in change for about a week, please come back and enjoy all the tours.

My photos of Norwegian landscape have something in common with the ones of Eileen and Laurie:

This was my reply to Laurie: 
Tanks for being a part of BWS Summer. I think we had some kind of same experience yesterday, biking, eating berries and looking on the water… Not many bloggers walked, but we who did, have something in common, a lovely day outside to remember.
I had more “advertising” in the beginning and more bloggers seized the opportunity to attend as many like you, thought this is a good idea. Unfortunately, several are missing recent times. It takes time to build a “strong reputation”, I still arrange BSW four times a year. I start the collecting post and add gradually, if there will be more ….
The area you visited looks like a place nearby called Bjørndalen (The bear Valley) I will walk there 

next BSW and you can see by yourself, I am right!

Villrose walked from the garden, trough the forest, to the sea and home accompanied by the little, charming dog, Kalita. The garden is so delicious, take a look!

At the end I present  Ingunn´s walk in a landscape full of history and culture. The little houses inhabited by poor people who work at the farmer's fields, 
and the lovely farm is built in typical Norwegian dragon style inspired by the Viking Age wooden work.

See you on BSW Autumn October 26th!

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  1. I answered Laurie.
    Beautiful pictures! I'm so angry not being able to join.
    But my foot is better.
    Walk on! Greetings from Tove

  2. Perfect countryside images, cheers.

  3. Hei! Nå har jeg publisert søndagsturen :-)

  4. Lovely images, thanks for sharing. And for hosting the Blogger's Sunday Walk.. Enjoy your week!


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