mandag 6. mai 2013

Mandarin, Orange Monday

I had a macro lens from Julia and Eirik for my birthday. It is really fun shooting for Mandarin, Orange Monday with this lens. The motif is the lilies I had as well.

Just to pick up Lorik´s theme:

Adjustments and filter in Photoshop

4 kommentarer:

  1. She is gorgeous!! Beautiful, blue, smiling eyes! I like the way you turned her into a work of art too:) I originally was going to keep it strictly to eyes but a bit of his face crept in....I checked with the parents first though:)
    And your orange pics for MoM are beautiful. They made perfect little artworks - the top one they seem to be dancing!

    Thanks for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  2. Beautiful pictures, love them!

  3. What amazing macros! I especially like the first one, like they're dancing in a circle.


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