onsdag 11. januar 2017

WATW 11_01

The students work for the moment with macro acrylic paintings (50x65) of buds. Previous years this task was to paint flowers ala Georgia O´Keeffe. This year we changed the motif, and successfully the results turn out to be very decorative.We are to teachers working together in this class each Wednesday from 12.20-15.45. My colleague was actually a student of mine in 1992/93! 
The students are 16-17 years old when they start their 3 years of studying art, design and architecture. The lessons will give them a basic introduction and a technical briefing.

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  1. Det ser spennande ut for studentane å jobbe med så flotte fargar.
    Det er nok inspirerande for læraren også vil eg tru.


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