fredag 7. februar 2014

IF; Prehistoric

In the area of Cappadocia in Turkey there are numerous caves and underground grottoes where the walls are painted with shapes, simple people and animals, in the colors black  and red. In prehistoric times the figures on the wall did not overlap. This is my artistic rights! 
I am wondering if I will see them in reality in quite a few days, this theme is perfect this week for me!
May be the painter Henri Matisse in 1909 also visited this place and got inspired for the work Dance 1 and 2

"Men Taunting a Deer"
c. 6000 BCE
Museum of Anatolian Civilization, Ankara, Turkey
        Originally from Çatalhöyük

Dance 1, Henri Matisse

Concerning the Olympic games opening today in Sotsji, remember the pictogram of the Lillehammer games in 94. The torch-bearer is quite similar in shape to the prehistoric figures from Turkey! No doubt, we have much in common in how we express ourselves visually all over the world.

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