lørdag 1. februar 2014

IF; Exotic

When our princess and prince were children they performed dancing in a leikarring dressed in one of the national costumes of Norway... Setesdalbunaden, this, I think, is still very exotic... You can see the short video here. The show took place in Oslo City Counsil Hall, one of my favorite buildings made by Arnstein Arneberg, constructed between 1931-50.

1. From another part of the world; foreign: exotic tropical plants in a greenhouse. 
2. Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange: "If something can be explained simply, in a familiar way, then it is best to avoid more exotic explanations" (Chet Raymo). 
3. Of or involving an exotic dancer.
4. And something that seldom happens (my own).
What is exotic to my don´t need to be exotic to you!

Märtha and Haakon

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Hyggelig at du tar deg tid til å legge igjen en hilsen.
Det setter jeg veldig pris på!
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