torsdag 6. september 2012

Tasha Tudor; Snack on delectable elevenishes!

I wondered, what is an elevenish - and I had an answer from Suzanne:

This is my elevenish, a soft ice cream toped with nuts, the last one for this year! This snack bar is on my route to and back from work. I had the whole marked place almost for myself this noon. Only one more person had a rest on the stone chairs by the riverside.

For the moment I have three list points left, and i have no idea of when I can 
watch Take Peace or Take Joy! (ebay and Amazon has the DVD format),
visit a farm with goats and chickens nor
pet a corgi!

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  1. Heia, og takk for koselig kommetar inne hos mæ, ha en fin kveld, hilsen Lisbeth ;)


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