onsdag 5. september 2012

Tasha Tudor; Sip tea outside with your favorite people

Be welcome!

With  the tea I served what I usually eat for lunch, klibrød (bran bread with sunflower seeds).
The tea is really from China, brought home many years ago, but still fresh. This was the last remnant in the box. It tasted really good with a light and mild flavor.
In the background Sia, my cat, is sleeping in her basket noticing what's going on.

This is an old tea strainer in silver from my mother's home. 
I don't know what the design is called. Could not find a similar on Internet with a name.
The cup form China is bought at a marked in the Old Town!

Back in the kitchen's cupboard

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  1. Having a tea with you has been a pleasur
    Your tea cups are very pretty and yuor mother's tea strainer is really gorgeus
    Thank you very much


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