torsdag 12. juli 2012

Summer's Blogger's Sunday Walk in three days

For the forth time Blogger's Sunday Walk will take place - and the last in this year serial.
I got the idea to gather bloggers all over the world in an physical action one year ago. The intention was to 'force' bloggers to take a break from the computers  - at the same time - almost-  and to present their tour to all who visit our blogs.
We started in the Autumn in October with 14 walkers from Argentina via Europe to Australia.
Art is jokken  from The Netherlands was so happy with my idea that he asked if this could be tradition. And so it has become!
The winterwalk was successful, 6 more participants, but few had possibility to join the walk in April.
8 faithful walkers had the opportunity.
All the walks are documented, and one photo of each walk is posted on my blog in a collection with links to their original posts. See my archive on the right as well.

If you like to join next Blogger's Sunday Walk as many has told me, please be prepared on Sunday!
You can go every where, in the forrest or in the park, during job or on holiday, for two hours or two minutes, in sun, rain or snow, alone or with friends, you decide. Let's have a record in walking!

Please, use this photo as an icon in the end of your post and contact me in the comment window on my blog.

Put on your walking shoes, rubber boots, beach sandals or simply stroll with bare feet in the sand - whatever, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on July 15 and link to my blog!

Ut på tur, 
aldri sur.
Det finnes ikke dårlig vær,
bare dårlig klær!

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  1. Hei! Er det her jeg skal legge inn lenken, mon tro?

    Det ble dessverre gummistøvler på en rask tur i går kveld, i stedet for sandaler ned til sjøen!


Hyggelig at du tar deg tid til å legge igjen en hilsen.
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