søndag 4. desember 2011

IF; Brigade

This week's topic is "Brigade", suggested by Cyndee (http://www.cbarberstudio.com)

Today I visited the ruins of  Kjøkøy fort which was made by the Germans in 1941 to protect the port of Fredrikstad. Brigade is an Italian word brigata which means fight. The soldiers were mostly ordinary young boys who were commanded into battle, and I think they often disliked the situation being in a fight. They were all afraid of being killed by the enemy just like the soldiers of the Allied troops, and their mothers on both sides had no good nights' sleep during the last world war. As mothers of all time!

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  1. This is a most powerful and sad post. Indeed Mothers always cry over wars. It is so wasteful and mostly unnecessary. I shudder to think of what these trenches were like for the poor young men (pawns) who had to endure rats, bullets, death and horror. It is hard to see and think about this but it is important to remember so that we might someday end wars. Kram Carol

  2. I was thinking "powerful" too in looking at these photos. Seeing real things makes the war seem more real.

  3. We all have to do everything possible to prevent repeating of a war.....

    ( I should say instead of "often" never in the sentence nr.3)

    This image is strong .

  4. Very interesting.
    Because we do not read or hear, normally, about anything else but Norwegian heritage...


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