tirsdag 11. oktober 2011

My world; Home of childhood

Here tall ships will be moored next year when Fredrikstad will host the ships during the race.
In the background the house I lived in from I was six till twenty two years old, can be glimpsed through the leaves. It is now for sale with all my memories!

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  1. Forandringer kan være smertefulle, men det er de som bringer oss videre.

  2. Dearest, i am really sorry i couldnt make it on October 9. My sister-in-law just gave birth so we had been busy welcoming the baby to our family. I hope you had some great fun with other blogger friends!!! :))

  3. very nice to see pictures that can bring old memories!
    sometimes it can bring some tears too...

  4. It must be bitter-sweet to see your old home being put up for sale, especially if you have happy childhood memories of living there. It is in a beautiful location, and what a thrill to be able to watch the tall ships sail into harbour, they are so stately and beautiful.

    PS. Did you get my message about your visit to York?

  5. How sad that your memories are for sale but, look on the bright side, the house will still be there to remind you. It is a such a lovely house.

  6. Hi, I left you a message on one of your other blogs last week, might have been the one where you had a photo of the River Thames, Chelsea Flower Show blog, have you checked for comments on it lately? Anyway, I was asking where in York, and at what time will you be there. It would be nice to say 'Hello' - you can contact me at selbybrooks@yahoo.com


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