søndag 9. oktober 2011

Blogger' Sunday Walk

The brand photo is taken near Lia in Telemark where the family has a small farm where we spend our days off!


Wish you all a nice walk where ever you go this Sunday!
My photos will be published below when I'm back...

I am back ... with flat battery which is now loading.
My husband and I had a walk before the rain started. Coming back and taking off the walking boots at home, the drops were falling.
We visited a grave from the bronze age five kilometer from where we live. I am very familiar to this district, but never seen the grave. This was the opportunity. We had to climb a steep hill and look for the stones that covered the body 2500 years ago. Getting down was even harder.

The path suddenly stopped, we had to jump!

On our way back we saw a better track to get there, but a sign was missing! Passing the lake, Borredalsvannet, we met a rider and her horse.

The horse was so eager to run that he hardly could stand still!

These kind of knots wooden cups were made of in the old days!

Still some flowers bloom among the leaves in autumn colors. We passed a group of white cows on our way home, and the dark clouds came threatening with rain!

Tomorrow you will see a post gathering all the different tours of yours!

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  1. Ja, då var jag hemma från promenaden.....var tidigt ute med hunden...
    Ha det bra :) och tack för inbjudan.

  2. Hi, it was very nice walk!!! Thank you!! Perfect weather for a walk, no single drop of rain!!!
    Here is my contribution

    and now a cup of tea with a cake !!
    What about your walk? Did you have a nice weather?

  3. Really enjoyed my walk, despite nearly stepping on a snake. Hope you enjoyed yours!

  4. Her er mitt bidrag http://sansereiser.blogspot.com/2011/10/bloggers-sunday-walk.html

  5. Heldig dere som kunne spasere før regnet kom,
    hos meg har det regnet i hele dag!
    Ser ut som dere hadde en spennende tur med mange opplevelser :)

    Min tur finner du her:

  6. Vilken härlig natur! Ovanligt att se älgörten blomma såhär års :) Jag har också varit på promenad, men har inte hunnit publicera det är, ska göra det strax :)

  7. Hei Bjørg Nina :) Da har jeg fått ferdig innlegg om min tur i dag!http://fireairearthwater.blogspot.com/2011/10/bloggers-sunday-walk.html

  8. Vilka vackra bilder du tagit på din promenad ! Tack för din inbjudan, men jag hade inte möjlighet att delta. Promenaderna får vänta tills allt är höstat :-) Trevlig idé du hittat på ! Ha en fin vecka !
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  9. A great walk and nice pics (the first on is my absolute favourite) but we have had bad weather and no chance to take a photo today:-(( Hugs from Luzia.

  10. Hei! Jeg har vært ute på tur, og det er dokumentert her: http://villrosesblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/bloggers-sunday-walk.html


  11. Hi! Thank you :) Wonderful idea!
    I did a sketch from my walk. Best wishes!

    Here is the link:


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