lørdag 27. november 2010

IF; savour

I had problems understanding the meaning of the word, savour. Google was not able to translate it, the word did not exist in any of my Norwegian-English dictionaries, my husband could not explain it to me, so I started to read different blogs to get a clue about what it might mean.
And when I came across Linda's post, I got a feeling about it, but not quite precise. Fortunately, Linda realized that I needed help and sent me the following explanation for which I am very grateful. We do not have a simular word in Norwegian.

I looked up "savor" when I saw what you wrote. The dictionary says the "taste or smell of something". That seems pretty weak. I think the way most people understand it is to really enjoy something. Like to savor chocolate would be to stop and really feel it completely from the way it smells, what it feels like to bite into it, and the richness of its flavor. As you can tell from some of the things people are posting this week on IF, you can savor anything, like experiences too. Hope that helps :) 

And I came to think of a graphic print I had left for the optimal use. Now the time has come:

It is a simple graphic print from a staple piece of cardboard made during my studies at the teacher colleges in the arts..... a long time ago. It is one of the works that have been stored in the attic -
a propos the text to the right of the page on my blog. The print was tittled 'Delicious' and is full of symbols... it is in the vanitas tradition: Catch the moment of existence.
It is about living life with pain and pleasure while there is still time .... here and now!
Det gjelder å leve livet med smerte og nytesle mens det ennå er tid.... her og nå!
If you do not know pain, you will not feel happiness.
Hvis du ikke kjenner smerte, vil du ikke føle glede.

I et landskap, nytt og uten minner,
står et epletre i blomst og skinner.
Epletreet dufter nyskapt sommer.
Her har tiden aldri vært. Den kommer.
Poem of Inger Hagerup

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  1. Thanks, Bjorg... I am enjoying a lazy weekend with heat, hot showers, lights and Internet service!!
    And thanks for your compliments too. :-)

    I think you've understood savour perfectly now! My own illustration was more about the taste and smell of a savoury soup cooking in the pots, which the witches think might be improved by a bit of mouse! But my post, as you noted, was more about savouring (or valuing and enjoying) life...

    I enjoyed the evolution of your own post's story this week! (Isn't Linda great?)

    Best wishes,

  2. I do my best :D Love what you've done with the word. Really liking the symbolism.

  3. Lovely blog,lovely illustration.I love the foot in the garden.

  4. I think this is perfect for savour. And so are your words;)

  5. Heisann! I agree with others, you've done a wonderful job expressing "savour" and pleasure/pain--here and now...lovely. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I so appreciate it and it led me here, thank you!

  6. Lovely! I think it fits the theme perfectly, and I really love the foot.

    "If you do not know pain, you will not feel happiness." - wonderful words to remember.


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