lørdag 13. november 2010

IF; Burning

From my short film Spor- digital cut

This week's topic is "Burning" suggested by Melissa Bennett (http://lavie-amonavis.blogspot.com/).

“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.” ~
Mother Teresa

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  1. Det kan inte sägas bättre - eller hur? Synd bara att oljan så ofta är slut när man som bäst skulle behöva den....!/Anja

  2. Beautiful quote & image-- makes me want to see the film!

  3. Hi Bjorg,

    Well, I am SO late sending out my thank-you's this week that it's embarrassing... but I have a good excuse, as you will see if you read my latest blog post! :-)
    Thank you for your compliments on my 'burning' art...Someone told me today that this actually was a scene from the movie, so it was not my illustrator's imagination: I was wondering, since I could not find it in the original text for the book.

    Your angel has beautiful eyes... very cat-like I think, and not surprising that you are a cat person. I love the photographs of buildings on your blog (though I've not read the words yet, I am too behind right now). It's no wonder that the art for european children's books always has such interesting cityscapes, with those types of structures to refer to. (They put most of American architecture to shame!)

    Best wishes,


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