lørdag 23. juli 2016

Blogger´s Sunday Walk - Summer

As informed on the sidebar and the banner as well, you can leave a link to your post in the comment window below this post.
Please, join the Blogger´s Sunday Walk!
So paste your link in the comment window with a comment if you like...
The time for walking is regulated for Norwegian time July 24, started exactly 2 minutes ago, but that does not matter - you can walk on a suitable local time... the point is that we walk on the same date .... 
My post will be present within Sunday evening, Norwegian time-  that means in about twenty four hours!
You´re welcome!

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  1. This is Anni´s contribution, please visit her blog.


Hyggelig at du tar deg tid til å legge igjen en hilsen.
Det setter jeg veldig pris på!