torsdag 28. august 2014

Garden Party; Picnic In The Old Town

Besta and Saga took the ferry from Kråkerøy to the old town where we should meet striking colleagues for a picnic on the walls. On our way we met some hens, they were a bit scarring !

Photo by Saga:

In the front of the cottage where Abel makes glasses, bowls and trays.

Meeting-point for ducks! We had a lot of bread to feed them.

Oh, they make too much noise .....

Hello. hello, don´t be afraid of me...

What a fight for food.... they must have been hungry!

The waste must be put in the trash can.

Then we walk to have the picnic...

The dragonfly rested on Saga´s blanket and twice Besta´s shoulder and head. 

Everything is very old here, I think.....
At the end a photo of Besta taken by Saga:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hun blir nok en dyktig fotograf.
    Takk for turen.
    Ha en fin kveld :)

  2. So sweet... so nice, so sensitive post!! Those details... so lovely memories, for sure!! Have a sunny weekend for you and family!


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