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The winter Blogger' Sunday Walks

I have made a  summary of the post of bloggers who attended the walk last Sunday. It is amazing to discover the different scenery, surroundings and weather from place to place. Click on the photos and go to their posts!

Eli and Bella walked by the coast in wonderful weather, the sea was calm and the seagulls hovered over the surface.

Eldbjorg who I had the pleasure to meet last summer on our way to Lofoten, walked in the snow near by Hardeggen (Hardpeek) in minus ten with her rainbow cap on her head and knitted leg tubes on her feet. Why? The answer you have on her blog. 

I hope the rainbow cap can be the Blogger's Sunday walk 's 'uniform', but there will be no pressure wearing it, but whose who like to have one and do not knitt, can have one ordered on Eldbjorg's blog...

Pia from Sweden walked in this wonderful graphic landscape in black and white. Is a strange -  or can I say rare forest of larches. She had to pass many gates on the way. See her collection of them some of iron, some of wood, some large, some small and all made in a traditional style!
She also presents a painting by a famous Swedish painter, where the gate is the main object in the scene, a charming memory of Pia's childhood.

Art is jokken was the blogger who asked me to arrange Blogger's Sunday Walk more than once a year.
Why not walk once a season to see the changes during the year? So next Blogger's Sunday Walk will take place in April. On which Sunday do you like to walk? Give me a hint! '
Art' is living with his family in the Netherlands, we will see no mountain on his documentation! But the woods are surreal as I commented on his post: The dark atmosphere made the impression more mystical and fairytale like. Their graphic adjustments are superb.

In Sweden Tage had this strange view along the roadside, a flower in growth ... and bloom?
An early sign of spring which is just round the corner!

Maggan's favorite place is where sea and sky meets. She shares wonderful photos from the tour with us,  and I will all agree in one of the comments on the blog: Hav och tallar så vackert, nu är det nog på väg att bli kallare för jag har sett 2st svanstreck på väg söder ut...
If you like to see the photo of the swans, just click the photo below!

Hilde walked in the same area that I walked, but on different side of the hill. The 'Skihytta' which I visited, is located to the right and a bit north of this pond. She had the walk just before the sun is setting, just like me on our way home.

Villrose takes us to the river Akerselva which runs through Oslo, our capital. She lives close by and the path is very known to her. The waterfall and the splashing water are really fascinating and the bare tree trunks made the right atmosphere. The moon appeared in the sky before she set her foot on the paving!

Bente and her dog had a walk on mostly green land just outside the town they are living in. Which I don1t know, but it is in Norway! More I can't say! A dog is always a good fellow and a walking partner.

Maly and Emma which is also a nice ... and little dog, had their walk among mountains covered with frozen water. The design of nature is awesome and spectacular, wild and powerful!

This is what Inger sayas in her comment to Anncharlotte: Tänk att ha en hund att gå ut och gå med, kanske blir det så för mig nån gång också:) 
Many of us would like to have a dog, but for me the moment it is not the right time...
This photos are take by Anncharlotte in the late evening walking with her husband and their sweet, little dog, called Fido ???? , in the park under the romantic lights. This is not the only animal in the family, there are two cats, two parrots and a rabbit, too!!!

One of the comment on Ege's blog is about this photo which I also liked very much and therefore it was chosen to present her walk last Sunday. She lives on the west coast where the weather this year has been very tough. Storms, wind and rain have made life hard for many people. It seems that the sun had found it's way to her part of the country this very Sunday and made a beautiful day for walking.

I was so happy about the clearing in the wood of birchs  that I had to paste two of the photos taken by 
Is there a grave from the bronze age we can see or simply some stones left over from the work of the fence of stones?

Wenche tok like godt en tur til Operaen med sine to nieser. You can read about their experience in art and architecture on her blog written in English. The skyline of Oslo is still changing!

Mormor (grandma) has a wonderful narrative capacity that compensates her mistake in shooting her grandchild playing in the snow. One picture was decent, and I think it is a feat that many amateurs may envy her having taken. Read her beautiful sketch in Norwegian.

Susana writes in Spanish:

This is the dam of "The Pichanas" several miles north of where I live ...
From the wall you can see ...
The trail of water that the river becomes Salsacate.
And on the opposite, in the lake formed by the dam, you can see that water has a very low level ...
All this ground was in other years under water
This is due to the lack of rain in this area ...

It is a beautiful place and breathe peace impresses
The trees were now dry on the surface and seem a little spooky.
End the ride with this earwig dismisses us with his eyes ...

Emelie had a short walk in the cold and dark, she had to do some shopping before closingtime in Pitea, a town in the upper part of Sweden. This picture illustrate how cold and dark it is, what you see is like mist, is her breath! The lamp has been decorated with a frieze of icicles.

Sigrid had a quick start on Saturday like Donald, but with a different justification. World Cup skiing at Val di Fiemme had more attraction on her than walking herself. Sitting in the sofa and watching runners hard-working was more tempting on Sunday, am I mean now? But a trip on Sunday night by car gave an opportunity to have some shots, anyway, on this very Sunday!And look... what a mystical route she, the husband and their daughter had!

Donald was the first blogger on Blogger's Sunday Walk, walking - on Saturday morning! The family went to a place called Staengehage near the coast of Denmark. There he simply walked into a neighbor he hadn't seen for 25 years! Amazing what Blogger's Sunday Walk can obtainable of surprises... as we say in Scandinavia.

And I think, I say think, this is the end for the first walk in 2012. See you walking again in April!

Thank you all of you for sharing your moments with us!

Almost forgot my own trip:

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  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Sorry not to have been able to participate this time... but it's great to see what other got up to!

  2. Mange flotte turer her :)

  3. This is great!! Thanks for your invitation. I have seen a lot of nice places and I "met" a lot of enthusiastic people that love walking on sunday!!! :)
    Not every body had dark weather (luckily) and I am looking forward to participate on bloggers Sunday walk in april !! ( hopefully it will be more sunny in the Kingdom of the Netherlands :))

  4. Thank you!
    These photos are beautiful!!
    Belated walk posted today. :)

  5. I think the best part of the sunday walk is your summary and the visits to all the other blogs.
    Thank´s for arranging bloggers sunday walk.
    Have a great day :))


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