lørdag 7. januar 2012

Blogger's Sunday Walk tomorrow

Last week I discovered this lovely little rose on my way to the shop to buy some yarn balls for my new wrist warmers. During the last days cold has come and may be killed the flower, but the weather will be wonderful here tomorrow:

My husband and I will park the car near the woodland and then walk a few hills to ' Ski -cottage'  that has just passed 100 years. It has been a popular destination for many generations over the years in all seasons. Is it cold, we warm ourselves by the great fire, it is hot outside, we sit on the wide stairs and enjoy the view.


Walking tour on Sundays is perhaps a typical Norwegian phenomenon. We bring with us backpack with  hot drinks, an orange, a piece of  chocolate called Kvikklunsj and a packed lunch 'matpakke'  if we do not light a fire and grill sausages. It is truly a family or friend activity. Being in the woods, in the mountains or by the shore, enjoy nature and practicing life outdoors has always been central to our growth.

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  1. Kul! Jag är gärna med imorgon! Men jag kanske publicerar mitt inlägg sent på kvällen, hoppas det går bra :)


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