tirsdag 19. april 2016

The castle with twin towers

This is a left over photo taken on a trip in Mars 2014 to the Pyrenees with Carol, a good colleague and a wonderful person. She has great interest in the history life of the Cathars - and what she do not know about them, is not worth knowing! I have no notes telling me the name of this castle, and Carol is not here for the moment. We visited a dusin castles, and they are all quite alike. Who knows?
We really had a trip that I will remember forever...

On the top of Montségur
Le pelerin

I found the post where I had posted the photo:
Further down the Vicdessos valley, not far from the caves of Niaux, lies the castle Miglos overlooking the valley and the town of Vicdessos.

The fortress is situated on a 20 meters high hill. The name is first mentioned in the mid 1200s when the castle was the seat of the barony of Miglos. The last owners died during the French Revolution, and after that the place has decayed.

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