søndag 9. mars 2014

Macro; Trolley


Today Laura has some wonderful photos of rust blossoming inspired of these words cut from her blog Shine the Devine:

        If you think 
winter has leached the last lick of color 
        from everything:
look for rust blossoming in a field on
sprockets and chains
flat metal strips
connections and openings
textured hors d'oeuvre temptations
a prelude to spring.

And I shot some macro of my father´s old trolley or "tram" as I called the rusted means of transport goods in lack of words...
I must take better care of this heirloom in order to bring the cultural labor heritage to new generations.
All the rain this winter, stored in the garden without any shelter, has done irreparable damage.

Thank you, Laura, reminding me of my responsibility!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so glad you found some rusted beauty blooming too!!! x0x0

  2. I like your rusty pictures very much!
    Enjoy a good week :)


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