fredag 26. april 2013

Orange, glad it´s Friday; Pond updates

Dredging work in the pond whole gives me the opportunity to take a lot of pictures in which orange is the dominant color. All the worker´s dresses are fabric dyed and their construction machinery are painted in orange.
This is happening in the pond now:  two levels are created which will make two water mirrors, in due to reduce the pressure on the embankment to the north. It is a temporary discontinuance solution.
As my life's motto is, Nothing is so bad that it is no good for something. Maybe when the pond is completely recovered, we can create little stream with fall and a small bridge from one side to the other. It may be so romantic ... I'm dreaming ... another thing is what the government says. They have the responsibility for the maintenance at last they admitted their position. I earlier dreamed about a small rowboat on the water too, but the idea was rejected by a biologist.

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  1. Looks like a lot of work. Nice orange tractor.

    Thanks for joining again. Kindly link back to the meme. :)

  2. They dredged a local pond here, but the machinery wasn't nearly as nice as yours! My OYGIF:


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