mandag 1. oktober 2012

There is hope for BSW...

and for your health. This what I read in the news paper some time ago:

How can you shape up by walking with other bloggers?

* Start making up your mind to become physically active
* Choose an activity you enjoy. Most people like walking!
* Make an appointment with a friend that you will engage in an activity together -
   why not Blogger's Sunday Walk the coming Sunday?
* Adjust the amount of activity to how good shape you are in
* Make it a habit to exercise a little every day-
   at least four times a year Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer!
* It's never too late to start, health effects appear after age 60, too
* You have to decide yourself
* Dress according to weather conditions, and don't let it be a bad excuse

Cut from the newspaper Aftenposten Sunday July 22

Smoking is dangerous, it's something everyone knows, warnings on all cigarette packs are informing you of the danger.
Currently, no couches are tagged with warning triangles ... and there is no state ban roach to sit in them for long. It should perhaps have been.

We are seated ourselves to death. Every third adult person on earth move too little. 5, 3 million people die each year because of inactivity.

Are you among one of the three who are at risk? Do something about it, join the autumn BSW  on Sunday the seventh and have a better fit shape and lengthen your life...

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