mandag 8. oktober 2012

Blogger' Sunday Walk; Gardens in Washington DC

I have spent some days this Autumn in New York and Washington. I walked along the Mall in Washington DC this very Sunday, visiting gardens and museums.
I choose the pictures of the Botanic Garden for the Blogger's Sunday Walk post!

The garden is placed to the right of the Capitol building

The rooms inside have many interesting installations and posters informing the visitors about what plants can be used for.

Inspiration, decoration

 Artifacts of different kinds

 As symbols

 In tools and daily life

 In all kinds of food

 Wheat was the first plant to cultivate

 In medicine

Plants outdoor and 
 the rose garden

Plants we have in our home 

 Wonderful Orchids

of all colors and designs

and for me interesting, rare plants

The tour didn't stop here... more post will come!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så kjempeflotte bilder :)

    Ha en fin Tirsdag.

    Hilsen Lisbeth ;)

  2. Nydelige bilder og tusen takk for turen :-)
    Mormorklem på tirsdag.


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