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Blogger's Sunday Walk; Spring 2012 - summary

Eldbjørg had a false start on Saturday when she and her sister were skiing from Dombås to Fokstugu and back. The condition for skiing was marvelous, and the mountains were covered with snow like in winter wonder land!

Birgitte from Sweden was the first blogger to walk on Sunday. She visited Sundsby  Säteri, an old place with  farmer's cafe and shop från 1300-talet på ön Mjörn i Tjörns kommun with scenic surroundings.
Especially the flowers 'black eye' grow in droves on the slopes near by.

On another island, Helgøya, in Mjøsa at the same time a Norwegain blogger Ingun had almost the same experience. She visited the farm of my colleague's sister, Charlotte. This I did not know before reading Ingun's BSW-post! (Think of what blogging can reveal of discoveries - a Norwegian term). This is one of the largest farms in Norway located in a beautiful, poetic landscape.

Like many Melusine had bad weather on Sunday, and the walking plan had to be changed. On her way by car in the night she passed the old church of Fana which is a splendid sight in front of the dark sky.

Monica's natural pattern and abstract design are wonderful resting for the eyes. As I already have written: So great pictures  .... No need to have nice weather in order to capture such great motives by a camera lens!

Hilde went to the farm where an old vikingship was excavated in the late eighteen century. This is one of three ships exhibited at Bygdoy near Oslo. Do you want to know more? Click on the photo! The farm is near the river Glomma not far from where Hilde and I live.

Villrose leads us in to a fairy tale garden and forest where the ground is covered with different flowers blooming in April, their crowns welcome us!
Clip from Villrose's blogg: Easy to participate, when the path starts in my own garden. Buds like folding hands... Daphne's last flowers.

 The rare flower, one of my favorites

At last a photo from my post. Utgårdskilen is a local, and the most famous, harbour for small fishingboats.  The view is Skagerak.

Christine and Susana had no chance to walk on Sunday- there will be another Blogger's Sunday Walk in July, so be prepared! Welcome to walk with us!

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  1. Kjempeflott samlingspost!! (nå skal jeg legge inn linken i innlegget mitt).

    Jeg blir selvfølgelig også med i juli, gleder meg allerede :)

  2. Jeg har nettopp lagt til mitt bidrag!

  3. What a visual paradise in here! What is your representation system?


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