onsdag 12. november 2014

Gratitude Quilt

Close your eyes. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Ask yourself "what am I grateful for in THIS moment?" Listen to your heart and type out the words that flow from your heart as a response to this message and I will add it to the quilt.

It would be wonderful to have your "patch" as part of this worldwide gathering of thankfulness and love, and really it would NOT be the same with out your voice in the mix.

bright blessings,

I am so thankful for those who are closest to me, my family, they mean everything to me. I love them boundlessly, endlessly and unconditionally!

The stones were gathered by Saga, two years old,  who told me what to write on them.
Sia is the cat, her mamma is Hanne, her pappa is Magnus, her uncle is Eirik, her farfar is Tore, and Besta is me.

BEautiful! I love the way she asked you to include the cat too as part of her family, that's so sweet. Thank you for being part of this project again.
every blessing,


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  1. Så skjønt! Våre katter har også vore ein del av familien, gjennom alle år ♥


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