mandag 28. februar 2011

IF; Swarm


This week's topic is "Swarm" suggested by Heather (

Last weekend  my son and his partner came to our house on Lia. The entire floor in the kitchen downstairs was covered with mouse droppings. The mice had built a nest in an abandoned cat food bag and eaten up almost all the food inside and filled the bag with coal from the fireplace.
They've had some days in luxury, swarming and spawned in a large scale!
I can imagine the party!

When Pusling, the cat, arrived, all the mice disappeared, of course...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Love this! Kind of fun to think of the mice having a party :) Also very nice to think of your sweet kitty chasing them all away -- who looks just darling with the bow!

  2. Ha! I love the idea of mice partying in a catfood bag! Wonderful illustration.

  3. Så lustigt att mössen bosatt sej i kattmaten! :) när katten kom dit var alltså säcken fortfarande fylld med...kattmat. fast levande :)

  4. i think im in love with the cat!! :D

    how are you today?

  5. Poor mice! They party was over.....

  6. HA! Very clever! Love the mixed media!


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