fredag 28. juni 2013

Weekend Flowers; Pink dreams along the stone steps

I plan to grow pink flowers only in this part of the garden....

"You should know what they are called, to follow their development from day to day and rejoice in the rich color variations, the forms and lines of perfect beauty: but it does not undertake that weeding and digging is not the funniest work you do! "
Astilbe: Powerful, fine perennials that bloom in late summer. Available in white, red, pink and purple color. Like most moist soil. Easy to share autumn and spring. Fine in bouquets.
"The graceful growth, fine foliage, elegant inflorescence and long blooming astilbe entitled to a free and visible space in the garden."
Star Screen, Astrantia: This fairly modest perennial is about to get renesssanse. Do not need much care. Easily spread. Taking to settle the soil it gets.
"Astrantia does not belong to the most glamorous garden plants, but they are nice to have and very good in bouquets with vivid colored flowers.
Quote, Maisie Pedersen, 1929.
There is a wonderful clematis growing there as well....

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