torsdag 25. juli 2013

Guides to all the Blogger´s Sunday Walk posts

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Hilde had a walk near the coast of Østfold with the typical polished rocks and yellow granite. We have a large and diverse flora in the seaside. The water is nice to swim in thanks to the Golf stream licking our coast.

Birgitta visited an Old American Car festival representing old, fancy tractors as well. I lovely place for those who are interested in rolling objects.

Artisjokken and his family went for a ride on horseback and bicycle in their beautiful and charming surroundings in the Netherlands. Check up his creative transport yet on sketches!

Eldbjørg packed backpack and used arms and legs for a walk to a cairn, much bigger than the one on this photo. From the small cairn she could in the distance see the peak of Snøhetta which I probably should climb in the near future if weather permits!

Annemor experienced at lot on her tour. I picked up the photo of an interesting sculpture with a mask which has an imprint of the face - and you can imagine the elements which actually are inwards come outwards!

Emelie saw signs of a summer far reaching, apples grow large on trees. Moreover, it is easy to detect cases and stuff if you become aware of it. One hole after another was captured by her lens photo.

Wild Rose had company of her dog called Kalita looking at flowers and berries in the near hood on a lazy day!

Kleppanrova had the tour by bike with her husband near the banks of Mjøsa, the largest lake in Norway. They passed the famous paddle steamer Skiblander, the rail way museum and Furnes church among other points of interest. The scenery looks like south of Europe, but it is in the middle of the south of Norway!!

Christine walked on Mount Martha beach in the sun after a windy winter's day - she lives on the other side of the world!!! This is the path leading to the wonderful beach.

And Ege had an urban walk in Bergen City where she had an eye on waste and rubbish. Pretty scenes and beautiful prospects are disfigured by what people generally throws away - the packaging, plastic and scrap. BSW will now have a motto: 
Pick up the trash you find on the way walking and throw it in the nearest trash can. Let´s make a cleaner trip route.

Thank you for participating ;:OD)

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